James Foskett Farms are members of G’s Growers and market all their onions through the pack house at Ramsey in Cambridgeshire for Sainsburys, Marks and Spencer, LIDL and Aldi

The  crop is drilled in late February and March with 40% brown and 60% red varieties, then carefully managed during the growing season to hopefully produce a firm 60 to 80 mm onion to harvest in late August and September.

Harvest rates depend on dry weather so that windrowed crops have time to dry in the sun before being picked up and graded into our 3.5 ton boxes and placed into the stores for drying and cold storage.

James Foskett Farms have control of 7500 tons of modern cold box storage and conditioning facilities which are suitable for holding crop dormant until May and early June the following year.

Onions are a very challenging crop to grow and rely on favourable weather conditions to achieve good quality onions. Supply and demand is also very dependent on world markets.