About us

Henry Foskett was a first Generation farmer who came to Bromeswell and bought 180 acres at Low Farm in 1955. That year he married Joanne and started a farming partnership trading as H&J Foskett. Cropping in the 50’s and early 60’s was based round malting barley and sugarbeet with potatoes, carrots and cabbages grown for Covent Garden.

Irrigation was installed in 1964 and was crucial to the profitability of the Farm and effectively turned very poor grade 4 land into useful vegetable land.

James joined the Partnership in 1979 after doing a three year diploma course at Writtle Agricultural College and travelling the world for a year.

James Foskett Farms was formed in 2005 out of the partnership of H&J Foskett.

Through gradual expansion the land base now covers 3500 acres and is made up of owned and rented land within a 35 mile radius of Low Farm, mostly in the Deben Valley. Potatoes are the most important crop to the business with onions not far behind. Other crops include sugarbeet, carrots, cereals and organic vegetables.

There is now modern crop storage at Low Farm for 9100 tonnes of produce as well as modern grading facilities, blast chilling, a weighbridge and farm office.


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