Seed Potatoes


Seed Potato Availability

Please note that we currently have availability for the following seed potato varieties:

  • Marfona
  • Maris Piper
  • Maris Peer
  • Charlotte
  • King Edwards
  • Athlete
  • Lanorma

For further details/orders, please call Mike Shapland on 07901 114585 or James Wrinch on 07889 568449

What's Different about James Foskett Farms' Seed Potatoes?
  • Produced with a sharp customer focus.
  • Not just seed, but a service as well.
  • Using “best practise” techniques at all stages.
  • Constantly under the agronomic eye of an in-house agronomist.
  • Very few surprises, sell with confidence.
  • You will receive the information you need about the seed.
  • All sold through ESP or James Foskett Farms
  • All grown in the Safe Haven Seed Scheme.
  • Sold by the replantable hectare.
  • Always endeavouring to use top quality input stocks.
  • All sites are virgin potato fields or very long breaks, more than ten years.
  • Input stocks have disease analysis done pre planting.
  • Planted in high densities and grown as a specialist seed crop.
  • Rigorous aphid monitoring throughout the season.
  • Continual monitoring by farm staff and agronomists.
  • Early burn downs meaning earlier harvest reducing fungal disease.
  • Lifting in warm and dryer (mostly) conditions, August/September.
  • Lifting direct into boxes, reducing damage and abrasion.
  • Quickly moved to store for cooling and ventilation.
Varieties grown for sale in 2017/19
  • Marfona
  • Estima
  • Maris Piper
  • Maris Peer
  • Charlotte
  • King Edwards
  • Bambino
  • Lanorma

Other varieties can be grown on request as long as permissions can be obtained from the Plant Breeders.

  • James Foskett Farms has 4000 tons of purpose built positive ventilation cold storage.
  • Positive ventilation and lots of it is the best fungicide known to man.
  • Removing harvest moisture reduces bacterial activity.
  • Immediate cooling reduces further fungal disease attack.
  • Stores are refrigerated and allow holding temperatures of a stable 2-3°C.
  • Stores are cleaned thoroughly before each crop.
  • Crops are re-ventilated after grading to reduce condensation events.
  • The crop can remain in store until the customer really needs the seed.
  • Regularly monitored by farm staff and agronomists.
Grading and Dispatch
  • This seed is only graded once, into 5 size bands.
  • This seed is only graded when completely dry and cured.
  • Ventilation occurs immediately after grading, or seed is dispatched to the customer immediately.
  • Graders are square mesh screen graders providing higher tuber counts and less problems with long tubers in certain varieties.
  • Tuber counts are taken continually through the process.
  • Dispatch is planned with the grower direct and is on his day and time of choosing.
  • Transport is closely controlled and managed to avoid problems.
  • Full documentation accompanies seed to the customer.
  • The whole process is monitored by our agronomist and seed manager.
Confidence, Service and Management Aid
  • Full PHSI field report available as independent analysis of stock.
  • Complete G. Tomlins VCS agronomist field report available.
  • Cambridge University Fungal analysis available, micro and macro.
  • Post burn down viral tests for Leaf Roll, PVY and PVX available.
  • Daily store temperature records kept if needed.
  • Various packaging available, Bulker’s new boxes and big bags.
  • Any treatments applied at cost, if needed.
  • Delivery to planter “just in time” a speciality.
  • No added storage costs until May.
Re plantable Hectares
  • The most accurate way to purchase seed, all farmers plant identified area.
  • Densities will vary according to seed size and tuber count, re plantable hectares is the only method that allows this fine detail.
  • There will be no waste and no annoying shortfalls of seed.
  • It is easy to budget for cost.
  • Improved density management leads to more uniform crops year on year.
  • Spacing information supplied along with tuber counts and size splits on load.
  • James Foskett Farms seed is almost always able to be planted at lower than standard densities and achieve as good results.
What are the Benefits?
  • Virgin and long break soils are not a feature of Dutch or most Scottish stocks.  Virgin soils have less potato pathogens present, therefore reduced pathogens on stock.
  • East Anglia has a warmer and dryer climate than many other seed areas, this means conditions are less conducive to bacterial and fungal diseases.
  • Early harvest is a key factor in achieving healthier seed.
  • Not grading until completely dry and cured is a major factor in maintaining seed health.
  • Using square mesh graders, giving even tuber counts with no long tubers is a real advantage when using cup planters.
  • Better seed health and longer dormancy increases stem numbers and provides a more even plant.
Even More Benefits?
  • Having even tuber counts of closely graded seed means more accurate planting, especially depth.
  • Acclimatisation is believed to give earlier crops than northern seed.
  • Fully refrigerated stores mean you will have reliable physiological age and no de sprouting necessary.
  • Just in time delivery means handling is easy and the seed is kept in the best possible state until planted.
  • Just in time can be for chitting as well and is just as valuable a service.
  • Customer to seed producer dialogue is still fairly unique and builds customers’ confidence.
  • Reliability in the seed, the producers and agronomists.