Organic Produce

The Farm is certified with Organic Farmers And Growers (number ukF003035 )

James Foskett Farms went into organic production in 2009 after being encouraged to do so by our conventional crop customers and we could see a good market place for the type of vegetable crops we wanted to grow. Prior to that we had two years of conversion with clover crops to build up soil fertility and set about planning the crops we wanted to produce to give us a sustainable rotation. We now have three blocks of organic land at Kirton ,Martlesham and now our own farm at Bromeswell which will all be converted by Spring 2018 together giving us about 500 acres to grow on.

James Foskett Farms Organic Produce Availability (PDF)


icon_potatoesMaris Peer and Bambino are grown for the earlier market and sold as loose skin earlies or set skin salads. These are marketed through ESP to GreenvaleAP, Manor fresh and Solarnum where they are packed for many of the multiples. A large tonnage is also bagged for Abel and Cole for their box scheme.  They are all grown for lifting between June and September, ideally for immediate use.



icon_onionAs members of G’s Growers the Farms Organic onions are marketed by G’s Fresh Veg and packed for Tesco and Marks and Spencer at the G’s packing site at Ramsey in Cambridgeshire. All organic Onions are now spring drilled brown varieties of Hylander or Santero  which are partly resistant to Downey Mildew . These are drilled during March and in a normal season harvesting will take place during the first two weeks of September.


icon_carrotsThe farm grows carrots for RB Organics at Yaxley near Peterborough and for the Riverford and Abel and Cole Box Schemes. Most of the production is hand-picked into 500 gram washed bunches which are sold from 1st June until the middle of November. The Farms goal is to hit one Million bunches a season. The early crops are grown under crop covers, to achieve earliness and everything is sequentially planted so they don’t all mature at the same time. Varieties include Primo, Laguna, Nairobi and Florida.

Butternut Squash

icon_betterThis is a relatively new crop for James Foskett Farms and relies on good sunshine levels during the summer to ripen the crop evenly before harvest. Squashes are grown on beds from plants raised in greenhouses and harvested in late September/early October into boxes and stored on farm while they are marketed during late October through to January. Hunter is the main variety grown and they are all marketed through The Organic Vegetable Box Schemes.

Green Beans

icon_beansThese are grown for several customers including Wealmoor and some of the organic box schemes. The Farm stages planting to get a 12 week harvesting programme which should take us from late June through to the end of September. The first drillings have to be covered with fleece to protect the early crop from late frosts and encourage earliness. Varieties include Scylla, Endeavour, Laguna and Stanley, all of which are handpicked into trays and chilled overnight before delivery to customers to retain quality.


icon_beetrootThis is now an important crop for James Foskett Farms but its very difficult to make a margin out of. The beetroot is marketed through G’s Growers and grown as a main crop for loading off the field in October for processing and storage. Main variety will be Cardeal which will be used for vacuum packing, bottling and juicing. Beetroot has huge health benefits and helps boost stamina which effectively reduces blood pressure.

Sweet Corn

icon_cornThis crop is grown under fleece for the early market and is destined for the Organic Box Schemes, main variety grown is Earlybird 6800. Freshly picked sweetcorn, a great product to eat during the summer especially when it’s cooked on the barbecue.